The Latin derivative for the word emotion, 'emotere', literally means energy in motion.

It is the physical sensation we "feel" in the body.

Feelings don't usually cause us much angst.

The interpretation, thoughts, and meaning you give to these feelings are what wreck havoc in our lives.

The sensations you feel in your body hold the key to unlocking limiting patterns, transforming stress, and generating pure joy. 

When We Let Go of Who We Think We Are, We Grow Our Capacity to Allow Ourselves to Become So Much More!

There are Countless People Online Teaching Science Based Mindset...That is NOT What this is.

What if I told you everything you've ever been told about the Body, Mind, & Spirit in relation to our physical form, was false?

What if I told you the codes to Manifestation, Abundance, Health, Success, & Personal Power can be accessed within the cells of your body, and E-Motions are revealing your unique pathway?


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Wendy Louise