A 6 Week Immersive & Transformational Virtual Experience

At the Root of ALL Limitations is Fear

Fear looks and feels like Uncertainty

Fear looks and feels like stagnancy

Fear looks and feels like I am unworthy, I am not enough

Fear says, "I can’t"

Fear says, "I won’t"

Fear feels like anxiety

Fear feels like I am NOT safe

Fear looks and feels like staying small is safe

Fear results in me not pursuing my dreams

Fear results in I don’t answer my calling

Fear looks and feels like I am confused

Fear feels like I remain unhappy

Fear feels like I remain stuck

Fear feels like sadness

Fear creates all my limitations

Fear looks and feels like lack of freedom

Fear Directly BLOCKS Our Ability to Call in Love, Health, Money, Wealth, Soul Clients...Success.


According to Science Only 8% of All People Achieve Their Dreams.

Do You Want to be Amongst the 8%?

Ready to Become Fearless AF??!!

Let Me Ask You a Few Questions

1. Have you spent months or even years “trying” to make it work, but not quite hitting the mark?

2. Is your current career uninspiring? Daunting? 

3. Are Mondays your least favorite day of the week?

4. Have you taken course after course, read book after book, and hired coach after coach…Just to have mediocre results at best?

5. Do you suffer from Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Pregnancy related issues, Chronic Health Problems?

6. Do you give away all your content for FREE, or Charge little to nothing?

7. Do you believe DEEP within your soul that you were born to do something Incredible, but you just can’t seem to figure out what that is?

8. Do you dream of something BIG and Magical for yourself, and your family, but the risk of the next step outweighs your comfort level?

If you answered, “YES!” To Any of Those Questions, You’re in the Right Place.

You’ve been guided to this page divinely.

NOTHING happens by mistake.

The problem isn’t that you don’t know enough, aren’t good enough, aren’t worthy enough, aren’t smart enough, you don’t attract people to you…OR any other excuse you can come up with.

You’re F*CKING FIRE, and it is time you owned it!

You have everything you need inside of you to HEAL yourself, and it is time you unlocked it.

You are Powerful, Bad@ss, and Magical AF...AND IT IS TIME YOU SHOWED UP AS IT!!!

I’m going to show you how to Believe in yourself, Believe in the Universe, and RISE the EF UP.

Wendy Louise Gerhardt

Hi! I’m Wendy Louise Gerhardt, and I’m a Highly Gifted Interdimensional Intuitive, with an ability to understand the Mind,Body, & Soul at a level most don't.

I spent my entire first 35 years of my life feeling lost, confused, pulled to do more, ridden with anxiety, depression, alcoholism, eating disorders...you name it. Been there. Done that. 

At times I felt like I feared my own shadow. 

But I didn’t know why!

I didn’t understand why I felt like I didn’t fit in.

I didn’t understand why I was bullied in school, or felt starved for Love.

I didn’t know why I was so Angry at the world. 

I didn’t know why life had to be so freaking hard & painful.

All I knew was I wanted more out of life than what I had.

There had to be more!!! God, PLEASE tell me there is more!

When I landed in the online entrepreneurial space I was certain I had found my “More.” And boy did I find it!

I found more heartache, more frustration, more failure, 

more judgement, more inadequacy, and 

more uncertainty.

When I first started in the coaching industry I was under the illusion that I could help others better themselves, without first doing the work to better myself.

That didn’t work out so good.

As you guessed it, my results were awful.

My Energy was not aligned to the words coming out of my mouth.

I felt like a fraud, and I FEARED that everyone would see that.

Finally, about two years ago I stopped trying to help others, and started hard core doing the work myself.

I began to learn, grow, evolve, and transform my beliefs. 

I began to embody the person I truly desired to be.

What I found through this process was the same theme hiding behind every limitation I believed I had. 


This is when I realized that this is the real problem. It is the problem behind the problem. The root issue. To address anything else is simply to put a bandaid on your finger when the problem is your liver. It simply isn’t going to work. 

You see, Fear is never going to go away.

There is NO CURE.

We can’t avoid it.

We can only learn how to move through it.

If you can push past your limitations, take the leaps that lead to quantum results, confidently call in your soul clients, unequivocally believe that your worth, large amounts of compensation, and trust-even in the eleventh hour-the Universe has your back. “It is always “This or Something Better.” Then you need to step into becoming FEARLESS.

It is time to get down to the core of why you’re not getting results. So, together we can increase your Capacity to hold Fear & Faith at the same time. 

So, together we can embody Magic, Love, Faith, and Grace.

So, together we can cultivate Heaven on Earth.

This is more than a course!

This is a life changing experience.

Not only will I walk you through transforming your beliefs, and help you learn how to transmute the frequency of fear within your physical body...

But, I have also accessed and unlocked the Divine Angelic Codes to Grace. The energy used to transmute Fear into Faith. And throughout this 6 Week Virtual Experience I will transmit those codes to you.

Note: This course is not just Mindset...it is Also Magic. We don’t just tackle consciousness, but the subconscious as well. This is Body + Mind Connection on a level you’ve NEVER  experienced before.

Here is What We'll Cover

Week 1

The physiology of Fear - This is where science and rational, mental reasoning will guide us into a deep understanding how fear physiologically dominates our physical bodies.

Week 2

Fear as an Illusion - Fear is meant to keep us safe, not small. “Pay attention,” does not mean stop doing it. It is an opportunity to learn the presented lessons, and grow. Learn to navigate the field of probability, the field of predictability, and the field of possibility!

Week 3:

Fear is part of the mission. You have to step outside of what feels "safe" in order to grow, evolve, learn, experience, and complete your mission. Our dreams are presented for a reason, yet most of us are too afraid to go after them because they aren't logical, safe, we don't know how. We're going to break this pattern here and now!

Week 4

Transmuting the fear - I’m going to gently guide you through your subconscious fear, pain, suffering, pain, confusion so you can heal. Part of this process is observing so you can navigate out of the fight or flight response when it is not necessary. So we can recenter ourselves and come back to a place of calm and peace.

Week 5

Reprogramming the mind-Uncertainty = fear. Not knowing "how" = fear. But certainty and uncertainty only exist in the mind. I'll talk about perceived automatic physiological response vs creating the outcome we desire. Manifesting love, health, money. How do we shift our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes to create the outcome we desire?

Week 6

Faith and Calibrating to the Codes of Grace. Why does it mean to trust, to believe? How to distinguish the difference between intuition & your higher self versus your Ego.

Each deep dive will have an accompanying workbook to anchor in that week's lessons and foster self awareness.

You will also receive a weekly guided meditation . Plus, Immediate & lifetime access to this content. 


6 Modules with OVER 15 Hours worth of Pre-recorded Content (Value of $8325)

6 Guided & Activating Meditations (Value $888)

6 Workbooks to facilitate weekly lessons & Facilitate transformation (Value $333)

Voxer Community + Direct Coaching Access & Support (Value $888)

Q & A Session (Value $555)

That's $10,101 dollars worth of VALUE!!!






For a Total Value of $11,100

I truly believe this is one of the most IMPORTANT courses that exist at this moment in time.

As we usher in a New World, Fear keeps many of us stuck in the 3d world. I want to help as many people as possible reconnect their Mind to their Body & Spirit so You can...

Stand in Your POWER fully, Embody Your Conscious Genius, and Unlock Abundance like YOU'VE NEVER Experienced Before.

So for that reason, I'm not charging anywhere near $11,000 for this course.

Instead, You'll ONLY PAY $1111

This is extremely low for my work!!

But for me, IMPACT always triumphs INCOME.

FEARLESS MUG | Wendy Louise

Pay in Full Gift

Now you really can drink Fear for Breakfast with this Inspiring Mug. A gift from me to you, when you pay in full.


Are the Modules held live or are they Pre-recorded?

The modules are all pre-recorded giving you immediate access to the content, and the ability to self pace your transformation.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I love payment plans. In addition to pay in full ($1111), I offer a 3 month payment option as well ($437/mo for 3 months).

Are there any live coaching or Q&A Sessions?

Yes! You will have access to voxer chat where you can get your questions answers quickly as well as create community support. Depending on the engagement and desire for a LIVE Q&A Session one may be added on to the schedule.

Are there options to dive deeper into Group or 1:1 Coaching in combination with this course?

Yes! I can't guarantee that at the time of this course that I will be running a Group Coaching option. However, if enough people want it, I am always option to opening that option up for an upgraded charge. One:One coaching options are always available as long as I have open spots inside that container. I often and booked full. My suggestion is to reach out as soon as you believe this option might interest you.

How do I know if this course is for me?

This course is for anyone who is spiritually conscious, or spiritually curious, that is serious about learning how to access their true abilities to manifest, connect with your deep inner knowing (aka intuition), activate unshakeable confidence, and liberate your soul from it's limited point of view entailed with fear, doubt, & uncertainty . This is a major UP LEVEL in your decision making, action taking, and follow-through process. We're not just changing the program, we're changing the game.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the self-help and guided help industry (and especially when talking about Fear) it is easy to second guess our decisions, or opt-out of decisions that now trigger us (especially when there is a financial investment involved). For that reason, I do not offer any refunds. However, I get it! I want you to be secure in your decision, and make sure your all in! If you join the course, and decide within the first 72 hours that this course is not for you, I will honor a refund. ALL REFUND REQUESTS must be done within 72 hours or your request will be denied.