For First Time Clients ONLY

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Ignite higher & higher Milestones in your spiritual business 

Bringing the unknown & unseen into the realm of known & seen

Clear ancestral loops & galactic patterns

Release and cut karmic cycles…contracts, cords, vows, contracts… 

Release trapped, stagnant, slow moving energies & emotions

Seal & close your aura on all planes, dimensions, and layers from portals, entities, ect

Heal Past Lives & Trauma

Transform low vibrations & negative energies 

Remove curses, hexes, and breaking contracts

Re-charge and align your connection to source energy, money energetics, the 4 elements, and the quantum field.  

& Re-code and reprogram your 4 part body system to 5D energetics

**All Sessions are Custom and are not Limited to, or Exclusive, to the services listed above.