Healer & Spiritual Mentor

This is the most Intimate, Connective, Soul Transforming, Deeply Integrative, Healing + Spiritual Mentorship I offer.

This is a 6 or 12 Month Commitment with me with the option of an Exotic, Luxurious Retreat Option.

Wendy Louise Gerhardt

You're a powerful being of Light that feels the call to share their gifts and wisdom with the world.

Regardless if you're a spiritual creative, a healer, or global impacting CEO...You feel the call resonating deep within to access and birth a new level of consciousness and impact.

Perhaps you're experiencing a world wind of energetic upgrades & DNA restructuring that has you feeling a roller coaster of emotions and light body symptoms.

New Spiritual Gifts are Unlocking at every turn, and you're on the path to Ascension.

First, KNOW that you're not alone, and this is normal!

You're Special!

You're Chosen, because You've Chosen to be.

You're here to not only share these gifts in their entirety, but to master your innergetics in order to sustain a 5D business and life (& beyond).

This is a journey of SELF MASTERY.

You have codes deep within you that are ready to be activated, integrated, and embodied to create an unshakeable foundation and energetic spiritual infrastructure.

But, You don't have to walk this path alone.

I'm here as a guide to facilitate and collapse time around your remembrance and energetic mastery. To facilitate your embodiment of your Goddess energy.

In my world, I specialize in Quantum Leaps in Consciousness, Energetic Embodiment, & Abundance.

Support & guidance can be your greatest companion. As I facilitate bringing the Unseen into the Seen, accountability, healing, Gift Activation, and more.

A Snap Shot of What's Included

south of France
  • 4 x 50 Minute Zoom Private Spiritual Guidance Sessions Per month
  • Direct Private Voxer Access to Me in between our Sessions
  • Access to Soul Star Temple and it's Library of Transmission, Meditations, and Activations
  • 6 Month Clients get access to all Masterclasses (pre-recorded or LIVE) during your time enrolled in the 1:1 Container.
  • 12 Month clients get access to All the things (including any of courses & Masterclasses that are separate from Soul Star Temple.
  • 12 month clients may choose to add the Retreat Option: You will also receive 1 Luxury Retreat at an exotic location. Locations may include, but are not limited to: Bali, Peru, Costa Rica, California, Thailand, South of France, Ireland, Portugal, Egypt, Ibiza, Greece, Turkey, New Zealand, Dubai, Japan. These retreats are meant to encompass both healing, learning, upgrading, honing your spiritual gifts/abilities, AND relaxation, fun, Sisterhood, and adventure. All costs included are: lodging, food, transportation to scheduled excursions, entrance to sites/tours/excursion fees, workshops. Rooms are double occupancy. Scheduled retreat locations are announced January of each year. Airfare & transportation to retreat site are separate and NOT included in cost.

1:1 With Me (Wendy Louise) is Right for You if:

  • Looking to bring the UNSEEN into the SEEN. To heal at a profound level, and stop hiding from your power.
  • If You're ready to create a space for clarity, focus, deep internal understanding, releasing trauma, and embodying your powerful gifts.
  • Recognize that you are your greatest investment, and are 100% Ready to Invest in Yourself in order to play a bigger game than you've ever played before.
  • A millionth percent ready to take radical responsibility for your life. Understanding your results are ultimately up to you.

Coaching is NOT for You if:

  • Looking for a magic pill, quick fix, or a hand-holder. My goal is to empower you to trust yourself, your intuition and to simply guide you along your path. To facilitate healing for you that is deeply received. Please note healing is about a 100%: 100% partnership. Meaning we BOTH have to do our parts. I provide the framework, but you must receive it. And in truth, there are no magic pills and I do not endorse co-depency or hand holding. Radical responsibility = radical results.
  • Looking for the next "secret" strategy. Our work together will involve Alchemy, and radical 5D conversations. This is not strategy. This is deep Healing & Remembrance work to shift who you are at your core.
  • If you are unwilling to take responsibility for your life, current results, or the ones that come during and after our time together.

wendy louise gerhardt

A Word From Wendy Louise...

“My work if Insanely Powerful!! I KNOW this work changes lives. And, there is nothing more that I want, than for you to feel the exact same about the work and love you provide to the world. I love the mountains we can move inside of the private client container. It is truly incredible, irreplaceable, and produces results at lightening speed. Talk about creating Quantum Leaps, and Leveling the Heck UP!!!So if you feel called, if you clicked on this page, trust yourself. There are no accidents."

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