Private Mentorship

This is the most Intimate, Connective, Soul Transforming, Deeply Integrative Mentorship I offer. Where Human Design + Energetics Create the Most Individualized approach to Transformation EVER!

This is a 1, 3 or 6 Month Commitment with me that includes:

Wendy Louise Gerhardt
  • 55 Minute Zoom Audio (or via Phone) Private Coaching Session Per week
  • Direct Private Voxer Access to Me in between our Sessions
  • Energetic Alchemy (healing) + Mindset Work during Each Session
  • Access to Any Paid Masterclasses I run during your time with me, as well as assess to any pre-run Masterclasses.
  • Soul Simple Kit-a little surprise from me you'll receive month one (for 6 month commitments).

Coaching is Right for You if:

  • Looking for an Individual approach to create a space for clarity, focus, deep internal understanding, releasing trauma, and embodying your powerful and unique Human Design
  • Recognize that you are your greatest investment, and are 100% Ready to Invest in Yourself in order to play a bigger game than you've ever played before.
  • A millionth percent ready to take radical responsibility for your life. Understanding your results are ultimately up to you.

Coaching is NOT for You if:

  • Looking for a magic pill or a hand-holder. My goal is to empower you to trust yourself, your intuition and to simply guide you along your path. Truth, there are no magic pills and I do not endorse co-depency or hand holding. Radical responsibility = radical results.
  • Looking for the next "secret" strategy. Our work together will involve mindset, energy shifts, and human design embodiment. This is not strategy. This is deep inner work to shift who you are at your core.
  • If you are unwilling to take responsibility for your life, current results, or the ones that come during and after our time together.

wendy louise gerhardt

A Word From Wendy Louise...

“My work if F*cking Powerful!! I KNOW this work changes lives. I love the mountains we can move inside of the private client container. It is truly incredible, irreplaceable, and produces results at lightening speed. Talk about creating Quantum Leaps. So if you feel called, if you clicked on this page, trust yourself. There are no accidents."

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Serious Applicants Only. Currently My Mentorship Rates are $2222/Month

I'm Ready for a Breakthrough and to Fully Embody My Magic!