Energetics of Launching Wendy Louise Gerhardt

Hi! If you don't Know me (Yet).

I'm Wendy Louise Gerhardt.

I'm a Multi-Passionate 6/2 Manifesting Generator.

I'm also a Course Creator, Embodiment Coach, and Energy Alchemist Who Specializes in Human Design, the Gene Key System, and Energy Dynamics.

I make over half a million dollars a year, and I LOVE my LIFE!!

I Truly Believe I Was Put on This Planet to Share My Unique Gifts While Helping Others Activate and Share Theirs.

This world is full of beautiful, gifted, woman who are here for a purpose but have a hard time selling, earning, and running a profitable business.

I don't believe we should have to choose between making a difference and making money. We can do both!

And, the Universe WANTS us to have all of our desires in a way that feels good.

If it is on your heart to create it, then I believe it is meant for you.

It is safe to learn to trust yourself, to create, and be excited about what you desire to share.

I had to learn this the hard way. And, my desire is to help you bypass the struggle.

It took me over 3 years of struggling, frustration, and lack of trust in myself to finally come to a place of understanding at my core that my energy is far superior to my strategy.

During that time, I bought course after course trying to learn how to put ALL the right systems in place.

Even with a supposed "No Fail" step-by-step strategy in hand, I doubted my gifts and if anyone would want what I had to offer. At times this was conscious, and at others it was 100% subconscious.

Perhaps you can relate!?

I spent my first year convincing myself it was not a good time to launch, or that I wasn't ready.

Truthfully, it was easier not to launch at all than to launch and face failure.

Finally, I decided to hire help to the tune of over 12k to get the right systems in place with funnels, ads, emails, copy...the whole 9 yards. I truly believed I NEEDED all of this.


I was mortified. This was my worst fear realized.

It was like I just threw thousands and thousands of dollars out the window.

Now What?

The idea of giving up and resolving to the notion that my current 9-5 was my forever destiny was not a reality I was willing to subscribe to.

There has to be something I am missing!!!

After spending several months in shock, I stumbled upon NOT ONE, but THREE Bad @ss Spiritual Entrepreneurs that were making multiple 7-figures in a very non-traditional way.

I was intrigued!!

They were confident. They trusted themselves. They Trusted the Universe.

AND, None of them used sleazy sales tactics to enroll hundreds of people into their courses.

Could I do that? Could I simplify the process of launching?

Could I confidently launch with ease without all the messy, overwhelming strategy that doesn't feel good to me?

I made a conscious choice...

Instead of focusing on all the "things to do" or "systems" to put in place, my entire focus shifted to aligning with the energetics.


I went from zero sales to over 2k in sales the following week with an itsy bitsy audience and ZERO systems in place.

I didn't even send out a single email.

In fact, I wouldn't even call it a launch. That is how easy this was.

How would it feel to you to share your offers, make a profit, all without launching (technically)?

In fact...

-->What if you didn't have to spends weeks preparing for a launch?

-->What if you didn't have to send out two weeks of emails, and prepare your autoresponder for every possible follow-up scenario?

-->What if you didn't Have to host a free challenge, or webinar?

-->What if you didn't have to create a full-scale funnel or host a beta round at discounted prices JUST to get testimonials?

-->What if you didn't need a fancy website or even a membership site to launch your offer and start making money tomorrow?

(Even if you have less than 100 followers and no email list)


That's Right!

I'm offering a solution where you ONLY HAVE TO do the things you DESIRE to do and still Launch profitably.

Sounding Amazing?!

So, Would You Love to Learn How to...

-->Simplify the process for Launching Your Offer

-->Build unshakeable confidence around your gifts and the value of your work.

-->Learn how to use your Human Design Strategy and Authority to Create Aligned Offers with Aligned Timing.

-->Learn to tune into and trust your intuition in each and every business move you make.

-->Understand "how" to Launch by Your Unique Human Design Type

-->Learn to elevate + hold your energy to attract your soul clients into each and every launch

It's time to Unleash a New Paradigm Around Launching that is Fun, Empowering & Easy!

Inside The Energetics of Launching You'll Receive:

  • Get 4 core modules + two bonus videos with over 7 hours of recorded content delivered one module per week to allow time for embodiment. This is energetic work, not a system! (Value $2222)
  • 4 Integrative Workbooks to blast through your limiting beliefs and outline your New Secret Success Method for Launching. (Value $222)
  • Over 25 Journal Prompts to identify your goals, shift into alignment and identify and release triggers effectively. (Value $111)
  • 4 Wealthy Babe Mediations to raise your vibration and release subconscious limitations ($333)
  • Tapping for Abundance (Value $444)

Inside the Energetics of Launching You'll Learn

  • Video 1: How to align your energy with your desired outcome effortlessly
  • Video 2: How to become so insanely magnetic your soul clients will be begging you to open your cart
  • Video 3: How to drive sales without sleazy sales practices or false promises.
  • Video 4: How to launch the easy way using my super simple 3-step process (no hyper involved systems, emails, or expensive ads required)
  • PLUS BONUS One...I'll share with you how to decide on what to launch and when (based off your unique Human Design). This is like getting an individualized blueprint on the right launch style for YOU!
  • PLUS BONUS Two...How to Price Your Offers in a way that feels good to you and to your soul clients.

This is $3333 worth of Value!!!!

But You Won't Pay $3333 to Get Access to this Life Changing Content.

In fact you won't pay even a fraction of that cost.

Because I understand this struggle first hand, and am passionate about getting this information into the hands of as many entrepreneurs as possible...


Unlike Other Courses, This is not a ONE SIZE FITS all course!

This is truly a unique way to launch unlike anything you've ever experienced before.

Get Instant Access Now + Lifetime Access to the Recordings

For a One-Time Payment of ONLY $444


An Intimate One Day Masterclass on Leveraging Your Human Design to Launch with Ease!

"Wendy’s program showed up in my life at just the right time when I was struggling to get results in my business. Even though I am new to spirituality, she has a vibe that I could really resonate with. So glad I jumped in.

- Susan Cagle

"I spent my entire time with Wendy in the space of ‘ah-ha’. She is exceptionally clear in her communication style, generosity of insight. Helping me let go of so many ideas of how I ‘should’ be operating in the world. I highly recommend anyone interested in human design to start their journey with Wendy.

- Margarette

"I can’t recommend Wendy enough if you are an entrepreneur/small business owner struggling with your business! She will be your biggest support system.

-Vicki Sowa