Learn How to Align Your Masculine & Feminine Energy with The Energetics of Receiving, So You Can Attune to The Abundance You Desire

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Join Me to Uncover Your Unique blueprint to Receiving More than EVER Before Using Human Design + Energetics

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LADIES, Do You Feel Like Your Receiving Portal is Blocked...But You Have No Idea Why? Perhaps Money Comes , but Leaves Just as Fast?

During This One Day Masterclass You'll Learn


How What You're doing Now (Instead of what you're not doing) Might be What is Blocking Your ability to receive ALL Things (not just money).


The shift in frequency between "need" vs "desire" and how it can take you from "I make" money to "I have" Money.


AND You'll get Not Only Conceptual information, but I'll Also share with you "How" to Unlock Your Receiving Portal with Some of My Favorite Energy & Mindset Shifting Methods.


" I guarantee this Masterclass will take your mindset from

I know "what" to I know "how"!

Hi, I'm Wendy!

And I spent over 2 years struggling to build my business.

I was tired of getting mediocre results, working 14+ hour days, and living in fear and despair. I set out to find the answers. I consumed book after book, course after course, and coach after coach and still I was left wondering why I wasn’t reaching the success that I knew I was capable of achieving.

Finally, I discovered the key to unlock success in every area of my life. The miraculous thing is, it was within me all along. And, it is within you too.

I’m passionate about this work, and I can’t wait to help you uncover your own success from the inside-out. 

wendy louise gerhardt

Here is what clients are saying About Wendy

"Working with Wendy has been a profound experience. I only wish I had found her sooner."

- Luis Torres (The Coach Knows)

"Wendy just has a vibe that resonates with me. After working with her I am confident I have to tools I need to upgrade my life and business. "

- Susan Cagle (NWM)

"If you have the chance to work with Wendy...Do it! I cannot recommend her enough."

- Vicki Sowa (Bubbly Side of Life)

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