Are you ready to open your heart and mind to the limitless power of the universe within you?

The Sapphhire Club Gold Mentorship (6 Month)

& Platinum Mentorship (12 Month) are an All-Inclusive Mentorship Hybrid that are founded on the perfect balance of:

Masculine & Feminine Embodiment

Self Acceptance + Expression

Nervous System Regulation

Multi-Dimensional Energy Work, 

Mindset Transformation, 

Human Design/Gene Keys, 

Support & Growth of Spiritual Connection & Gifts,

And Emotional Intelligence.

Hi There!

I'm Wendy Louise, a Psychic Storyteller, Healer, and Spiritual Mentor for Highly Ambitious Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Artists, and High Level Corporate Executives who are ready to BE whole, and STEP INTO their full potential and create their wildest dreams in tangible, 3D form.

If you can dream it, with faith you can create it!

Like many, I landed in both business and spirituality after hitting rock bottom. Suffering physical illnesses that landed me in and out of the hospital, mental dis-ease, eating disorders, and working in a career that felt like it was sucking the life out of my soul. I was virtually at the end of my rope, and I had only place left to turn. Within.

With over 6 years of mentorship experience, and a multiple 6 figure brand, I have identified, created, tried & tested, the perfect formula to bridge the gap between what your think you're capable of, and who you are truly capable of being.

Your biggest dreams are not only possible, their inevitable.

Let me help you find your way.

Wendy Louise Gerhardt